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National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan

ISSN 2306-2193 (Print)
ISSN: 2617-7900 (Online)

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Boundary value problem in an infinite strip for one characteristic equation degenerating into elliptic one
by Mahir M.Sabzaliev, Arzu I.Mamedova

Existence and uniqueness of a generalized solution to aboundary value problem for a multidimensional parabolic equation with an integral boundary condition
by Rafiq K.Tagiyev, Shahla I.Maharramli

On uncountable b-frames in non-separable Hilbert spaces
by Migdad I.Ismailov, Sabina I.Jafarova

Commutator of anisotropic maximal function with BMO functions on total anisotropic Morrey spaces
by Mehriban N.Omarova, Gulnara A.Abasova

Commutators of Marcinkiewicz integral with rough kernels on generalized weighted Morrey spaces
by Vugar H.Hamzayev, Yagub Y.Mammadov

Generalized fixed-point theorems. Applications
by Kamal N.Soltanov

Limit theorems for the Markov random walks describes by the generalization of autoregressive process of order one (AR(1))
by Soltan A.Aliyev, Fada G.Rahimov, Irada A.Ibadova

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