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National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan

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Some fixed-point type theorems on parametric soft b-metric spaces
by Kemale Veliyeva, Cigdem Gunduz Aras, Sadi Bayramov

Global attractors in a two-species chemotaxis system with two chemicals and variable logistic sources
by Rabil Ayazoglu, Kamala A.Salmanova

On Riesz property and equivalent basis property of the system of root vector functions of Dirac-type operator
by Vali M.Kurbanov, Elchin J.Ibadov

Fractional maximal operator associated with Schrodinger operator and its commutators on vanishing generalized Morrey spaces
by Ali Akbulut, Suleyman Celik, Mehriban N.Omarova

Eigenvalue asymptotics of a one-dimensional Schrodinger operator with confining potential
by Agil Kh.Khanmamedov, Malika H.Makhmudova

Boundedness of Gegenbauer fractional maximal commutator on generalized Gegenbauer-Morrey spaces
by Elman J.Ibrahimov, Gulgayit A.Dadashova, Seadet A. Jafarova

Boundedness of the anisotropic fractional maximal operator in total anisotropic Morrey spaces
by Vagif S.Guliyev, Fatai A.Isayev, Ayhan Serbetci

On recovering the source term for the heat equation with memory term
by Vo Thi Thanh Ha, Nguyen Duc Phuong

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