Series of physical-technical & mathematics science
Azerbaijan National Academy of Science

ISSN 2306-2193 (Print)
ISSN: 2617-7900 (Online)

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Some notes on the gh-lifts of affine connections
by Rabia Cakan Akpınar

Uniform convergence of the Fourier series expansions in the subsystems of root functions of some spectral problem for ordinary differential equations of fourth order
by Konul F. Abdullayeva

Some new beta integral inequalities
by Deniz Ucar

Multi-sublinear operators generated by multilinear Calderon-Zygmund operators on product generalized Morrey spaces
by Afaq F. Ismayilova, Fatayi A. Isayev

Justification of collocation method for one class of curvilinear integral equations
by Mehpara N. Bakhshaliyeva

Reliability of a series system with redundancy and one repair facility
by Soltan A. Aliyev, Yaroslav I. Yeleyko, Yuriy V. Zhernovyi

\xi -Double Strongly Summable Sequences of order \theta
by Rabia Savas

The behavior of solutions of nonlinear degenerate parabolic equations in nonregular domains and removability of singularity on boundary
by Tahir S. Gadjiev, Konul Mamedova

Some differential properties of grand generalized Sobolev-Morrey spaces
by Rovshan F. Babayev

Operator-valued Fourier multipliers in vector-valued function spaces and application
by Veli B. Shakhmurov

(P,p)-admissible multi-sublinear singular integral operators in product generalized local Morrey spaces
by Amil A. Hasanov

Geodesics on tangent bundles with horizontal Sasaki gradient metric
by Abderrahim Zagane