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On the Outer Connected Geodetic Number of a Graph
by K. Ganesamoorthy, D. Jayanthi

Weakly semi-I-open sets in ideal bitopological spaces
by Diganta Jyoti Sarma, Santanu Acharjee

Approximate solution of a class of nonlinear singular integral equations by the Newton-Kantorovich method
by Fuad A. Abdullayev

Nil clean divisor graph
by A. Sharma, D.K. Basnet

Stochastic Analysis to an Power Supply System Through Reliability Modelling
by J. Bhatti, M.K. Kakkar, M. Kaur

Determination of a time-dependent coefficient in a non-linear hyperbolic equation with non-classical boundary condition
by Ibrahim Tekin

Introduction to Fuzzy Topology on Soft Sets
by Cigdem Gunduz Aras, Sadi Bayramov, Kemale Veliyeva

Sufficient conditions for uniform exponential stability of some classes of dynamic equations on time scales and applications
by Khaled Boukerrioua, Dallel Diabi, Meissoun Meramria, Mohamed Ali Hammami

On a boundary value problem for Benney–Luke type differential equation with nonlinear function of redefinition and integral conditions
by Tursun K. Yuldashev, Farkhod D. Rakhmonov

Generating functions of the products of Gaussian numbers with Chebyshev polynomials of first and second kinds
by Souhila Boughaba, Hind Merzouk, Ali Boussayoud, Nabiha Saba

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