Series of physical-technical & mathematics science
Azerbaijan National Academy of Science

ISSN 2306-2193 (Print)
ISSN: 2617-7900 (Online)

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Ostrowski type inequalities for functions whose derivatives are strongly beta-convex
by Badreddine Meftah, Assia Azaizia

Calculating steady-state probabilities of the G/M/n/m queueing systems
by Soltan A. Aliyev, Yaroslav I. Yeleyko, Yuriy V. Zhernovyi

Stability in linear delay Levin-Nohel difference equations
by Kamel Ali Khelil, Abdelouaheb Ardjouni, Ahcene Djoudi

On a pseudo-cyclic construction of codes over term rank metric spaces
by Sumeyra Bedir, Bayram Ali Ersoy

Fractional maximal operator and its higher order commutators on generalized weighted Morrey spaces
by Afag F. Ismayilova

Asymptotic behavior of eigenvalues of a boundary value problem for a second order elliptic differential-operator equation with a spectral parameter linearly occurring in the boundary conditions
by Bahram A. Aliev

On Wiman-Valiron type estimations for parabolic equations
by Dunya E. Farajli

On curvatures of linear coframe bundle with homogeneous lift of a Riemannian metric
by Habil D. Fattayev

Inverse boundary value problem for one partial differential equation of third order
by Elmira H. Yusifova

Coefficient estimates for certain subclass of bi-univalent analytic functions
by Deborah O. Makinde, Rakib F. Efendiev, Hamzaga D. Orucov

On solvability of an inverse boundary value problem for the pseudo hyperbolic equation
by Gulnar N. Isgenderova, Afag F. Huseynova

Fractional integral operator and its higher order commutators in generalized weighted Morrey spaces on Heisenberg group
by Javanshir V. Azizov

On bases of trigonometric systems in Hardy-Orlicz spaces and Riesz theorem
by Bilal T. Bilalov, Fidan A. Alizade, Murad F. Rasulov

Characterizations for the parabolic nonsingular integral operator on parabolic generalized Orlicz-Morrey spaces
by Mehriban N. Omarova

Nonexistence of global solutions of the mixed problem for a system of nonlinear wave equations with q-Laplacian operators
by Asif F. Pashayev

Unique weak solvability of the first boundary value problem for a Hilbarg-Serrin parabolic equation in non-cylindrical domains
by Nazim J. Jafarov

Global bifurcation from intervals of solutions of nonlinear Sturm-Liouville problems with indefinite weight
by Leyla V. Nasirova

Inverse scattering problem for a hyperbolic system of first order equations on a semi-axis on a first approximation
by Lala N. Atamova, Aynur N. Safarova