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Volume 37 (2017), Issue 4


Academician Akif Gadjiev (to the 80th birthday)
by Corr. member of ANAS, doct. phys. math. sci. prof. Misir Mardanov, Corr. member of ANAS, doct. phys. math. sci. prof. Vagif Guliyev
Boundedness of the parabolic maximal operator in Orlicz spaces
by Gulnara A. Abasova
L p,ν -boundedness of the vector-valued B-square functions
by Simten Bayrakci, Seyda Keles, Fatai A. Isayev
Parametric Marcinkiewicz integral operator and higher order commutators on generalized weighted Morrey spaces
by Fatih Deringoz
An inversion theorem for Dunkl transform
by Moncef Dziri, Samir Sahbani
Basis properties of the system of eigenfunctions of a fourth order eigenvalue problem with spectral parameter in the boundary conditions
by Sevinc B. Guliyeva
On boundedness of the Riesz potential generated by Gegenbauer differential operator on Morrey spaces
by Elman J. Ibrahimov, Saadat A. Jafarova
Inverse scattering problem on the semi-axis for a system of six ordinary differential equations
by Nizameddin Sh. Isgenderov, L.N. Jafarova
On influence of modulus of continuity of the coefficient P2 (x ) on uniform equiconvergence rate for an even order differential operator
by Vali M. Kurbanov, Khadija R. Gojayeva
Kelley type Necessary Condition in Dynamic Systems with a Delay in Control
by Samin T. Malik
On some Hardy-Sobolev’s type variable exponent inequality and its application
by Farman I. Mamedov, Sayali M. Mammadli, Yusuf Zeren
Inverse spectral and inverse nodal problems for Sturm-Liouville equations with point δ' −interaction
by Manaf Dzh. Manafov
111 119

Uniformly boundedness of the operator-valued functions arising in the solution of convolution differential-operator equations
by Hummet K. Musaev

On properties functions from Sobolev-Morrey type spaces with dominant mixed derivatives
by Alik M. Najafov, Nilufer R. Rustamova
Basis properties of the system of eigenfunctions of a fourth order eigenvalue problem with spectral and physical parameters in the boundary conditions
by Faiq M. Namazov


Estimations of the norm of functions from Sobolev-Morrey type space, reduced by polynomials
by Zaman V. Safarov, Leyla Kadimova, Firide Mustafayeva

150 - 155

On inverse boundary value problem for a second order hyperbolic equation with nonclassical boundary conditions
by Aynur N. Safarova

156 - 167

Probability method and Wiman-Valiron type estimations for differential equations
by Nadir M. Suleymanov, Dunya E. Farajli, Vugar S. Khalilov

168 - 175

Operator Frames in the context of hypergroups
by Seyyed Mohammad Tabatabaie, Bentol Hoda Sadathoseyni

176 - 155

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